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Special & Regular Meeting Minutes 

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Special & Regular Meeting of the City Council

Monday, July 21, 2003

Mayor Brooks Presiding

Town Hall Meeting Room, Windmill Village

1.        CALL TO ORDER -- MAYOR

There being a quorum, the meeting was called to order at 5:34 p.m.


At 5:35 p.m., Mayor Pro Tem Grassi recessed the Special Meeting to Executive Session per RCW 42.30.110, for one hour and thirty minutes, to discuss personnel, litigation, and real property.    


At 7:13 p.m., the Executive Session adjourned and the Special Meeting resumed.


Roll call by the Deputy City Clerk as follows:

Councilmember Bird                        Present

Councilmember Flemming                Present

Councilmember Gehring                   Present

Councilmember Klosowski               Present

Councilmember Smith                     Excused

Mayor Pro Tem Grassi                    Present

Mayor Brooks                                 Present

Staff present:  City Manager Jean, Deputy City Manager/CED Director Caulfield, City Attorney Sullivan, Public Works Director Sugg, Public Works Superintendent Cooper, City Engineer O’Neill, Planning Manager Swindale, Information Systems Manager Garrett, Police Chief Masko, Executive Assistant Harmon, Management Analyst Spencer and Deputy City Clerk Ortiz.

Councilmember Flemming led the flag salute.

5.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES – No minutes were provided


 By Councilmember Flemming, seconded by Councilmember Klosowski, to approve the Agenda.

The motion carried unanimously.


University Place Festival Sponsorship Awards

Roger Gruener and Diana Harmon presented sponsorship awards to sponsors of the University Place Festival.  Mayor Brooks accepted the award presented to the City of University Place for sponsorship of the University Place Festival.

National Post Polio Awareness Week Proclamation

Mayor Brooks presented a proclamation for National Post Polio Awareness Week to Linda McCallum and Alan Dahl.  Ms. McCallum thanked Council and the citizens of University Place for the proclamation.  Ms. McCallum stated a few of her personal experiences of living in University Place and noted a scheduled book sale on August 2, 2003 in the Proctor District where funds will go towards assisting post polio victims and their families.  She also stated TACID is available to provide support to those with polio.  

Team UP Award

Mayor Brooks presented Dale McPherson, University Place Teacher of the Year with a 2003 Team UP Award.  Mr. McPherson thanked Council for the award.  Mr. McPherson stated the City of University Place and the University Place School District is a great place to learn and live in.  

College Voter Outreach program

Deitra Crawford of the Pierce County Auditor’s Office distributed information to the audience concerning the importance of voting.  Ms. Crawford then spoke to Council on activities targeting college students with the importance for this group to become active voters.  


Robert McCallum, 4616 – 60th Avenue West, University Place.  
Mr. McCallum requested Council consider approaching citizens about becoming $1-a-year employees.  Mr. McCallum stated the benefits the City could receive from those serving as $1-a-year employees far outweighs the costs of Labor and Industries insurance to the City.  

Dan Rankin, Chairman of District No. 3 Board of Fire Commissioners, 3010 A Morrison Road, University Place.
 Mr. Rankin informed Council and the City Manager that Richard Bleecker is the newly appointed Fire Chief for University Place Fire District No. 3 and will assume official office tomorrow.


Councilmember Bird stated the Puget Sound Regional Council Director is retiring.  Councilmember Bird informed Council that a review of the role of the Puget Sound Regional Council is being conducted and she would appreciate any feedback Councilmembers have on the role of the Puget Sound Regional Council.  

Towne Center Design Standards

Planning Manager Swindale updated Council on Towne Center Design Standards.  Callison Architecture hosted a visioning workshop attended by the Planning Commission, members from PARC and Economic Development Committee and Councilmember Flemming.  The workshop was held to develop a theme for the identity of the Towne Center.  The next Planning Commission meeting will conclude the workshop.  


 By Councilmember Flemming, seconded by Councilmember Gehring to approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.

The motion to approve the Consent Agenda carried unanimously as follows:

       10.        Approval of Payroll For The Period Ending 6/30/03, signed and dated 7/17/03, check nos. 8705 through  8802 and wire in the total amount of $243,400.40.  Check no. 8704 was voided and check was not printed only number used.  Approval of Claims signed 7/17/03, check nos. 22823 through 22871; 22873 through 22928; 22930 through 22969 in total amount of $160,559.64. Checks no. 22872 and 22929 were voided.

       11.        Approval of Applications for Renewal of Liquor Licenses for Fred Meyer #0615, The Keg, and Ale House      Pub & Eatery

       12.        Approval of an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of University Place, Washington, Granting a Ten-Year Franchise to Comcast of Puget Sound, Inc., to Provide Cable Television Services Within the City (2nd reading). (Ordinance 391
       13.        Approval of Appropriation of $15,000 from General Fund Contingency to Fund an ADA Assessment of City Facilities Contract


14.         UP for Art – Gallery Agreement

Staff Report

Management Analyst Spencer stated the City was approached by the UP for Art Committee concerning the creation of an art gallery at City Hall in the hallway by Council Chambers.  Management Analyst Spencer stated after reviewing the proposal, the issues of 1st Amendment rights, insurance of displayed art, and the length of time the art gallery would remain need to be determined.  

In reply to Councilmember Flemming, Management Analyst Spencer replied the City does have the authority not to display artwork it views as obscene or political.  City Attorney Sullivan added display of artwork would depend on how many submissions are received and if the artwork submitted meets the selection process.  City Attorney Sullivan also stated Council should not be involved in the artwork selection process and clear policies for displays should be set along with a limited time period for displays.  

Councilmember Bird stated she is concerned with the statement “the jury selects artist whose work reflects the artistic and cultural diversity of the Puget Sound area.”  Councilmember Bird said she would prefer the word “diversity” be removed and language be added to state art will reflect the values of the community.  

Mr. Sheasley, an UP for Art Committee Member, stated the City of Auburn’s art policy was used to develop the proposed policies.  

In reply to Councilmember Klosowski, Mr. Sheasley reviewed the proposed limitations on art gallery showings.

In reply to Councilmember Flemming, City Attorney Sullivan stated the proposed policy would be reviewed for consistency in displayed artwork liabilities.  The addition of joint liability between the City and UP for Art for displayed artwork will also be reviewed.  

In reply to Councilmember Bird, Mr. Sheasley stated UP for Art members will not participate in the gallery showing since this could be viewed as a conflict of interest and could cause the organization to loose their state non-profit status.  

Mayor Pro Tem Grassi stated he could not support the City being liable for any amount of funds paid for damage or loss to a piece of art displayed in the gallery.  In his opinion liability should be the sole responsibility of the artist since their artwork is gaining the artist exposure.  

Councilmember Klosowski stated City staff and not the UP for Art Committee added the liability clause.  Originally it was proposed that a participating artist would sign a form stating the City would not be held liable for any theft or damages to the artwork.  She also stated the UP for Art Committee was researching an insurance policy for gallery artwork.  

Council consensus was given for City staff to create an art gallery policy for Council discussion.  

Public Comment

Dennis Flann, 2623 Lemons Beach Rd.
Mr. Flann stated he agreed with Mayor Pro Tem Grassi that the City should not have any liability for artwork displayed in the proposed art gallery.  

15.                Comprehensive Plan Rezone (Di Re)

Staff Report

Planning Manager Swindale reviewed a supplemental report on the proposed Di Re rezone along with public comments that were received.  During his review Planning Manager Swindale defined the rezone area along with area usage limits as recommended by the Planning Commission and City staff.  Mr. Swindale also reviewed answers to Council questions, public comments, comments received from Washington State Office of Community Development and staff replies to various questions/comments on the Comprehensive Plan.  

Public Comment
– None

 By Councilmember Flemming, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Grassi to direct staff to prepare an Ordinance concerning the Comprehensive Plan and Rezone for Council consideration at the August 4, 2003 Council Meeting.  

The motion carried unanimously.


At 8:30 p.m. the meeting recessed to Study Session.

16.        Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

City Engineer O’Neill reviewed the proposed projects as prioritized by Council.  


At 8:38 p.m. the Regular Meeting was resumed.


Streetscapes Report
– Postponed to a later date.

Rhododendron Dedication Program Report
– Postponed to a later date.

Adopt a Brick Program
– Postponed to a later date.

EOC Report

Information Systems Manager/Emergency Operations Center Coordinator Garrett reported the simulated disaster exercise went well.  Almost all of City staff contacted responded. The exercise was done with the assistance of Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.  Ms. Garrett provided Council with suggestions of the possible improvements to the EOC.  

City Manager Jean stated this exercise allowed testing of the City’s emergency communications and City staff’s response. City Manager Jean thanked Ms. Garrett for her efforts.  

Mayor Pro Tem Grassi stated he was impressed with City staff and the operation of the EOC.  

Mayor Brooks stated she was also impressed with the EOC and the Pierce County Communication’s van.  

Chambers Creek Properties Master Site Plan Update

Deputy City Manager Caulfield provided a brief update of the Chambers Creek Master Site Plan.  Mr. Caulfield stated the plan would be open for review now instead of 10 years from now.  There was Council discussion on the possibility of opening the fields and restrooms in this area.  

In response to Councilmember Klosowski, Deputy City Manager Caulfield stated the City of Lakewood is aware that the Chambers Creek Properties Master Site Plan is now open for review.  


Councilmembers were given copies of information on the upcoming bike race to be held in conjunction with the U.P. Festival.

18.                MAYOR’S REPORT

East Road Naming Discussion

Council consensus was to postpone this topic until a later date.  

City-County C.O.P.S. Sales Tax Discussion

Mayor Brooks stated the targeted option for funds received from the City-County C.O.P.S. sales tax increase would be used in police services with regard to increasing police presence in the area.  There was discussion on the creation of a Resolution of Support and Intent.  

8/18 Board & Committee Meeting?

Mayor Brooks stated the proposed meeting would include all City Committees/Commissions/Boards and would provide an opportunity for updates to be provided on the progress of the Towne Center project.  


Dennis Flann, 2623 Lemons Beach Rd.
Mr. Flann stated his concern with the location of streetlights and the effects this could have on views and the location of sidewalks and trees in his neighborhood.  In reply to Mr. Flann, Mayor Brooks stated streetlights must be located where access to junction boxes are available and in regards to the future issues of trees and location of sidewalks this could be discussed with residents at a later date.

Councilmember Bird stated she did not recall Lemons Beach as part of the Six-Year Transportation Program.  In reply Public Works Director Sugg stated it might have been included on the list of arterials construction map and not on the capital plan.  


By Councilmember Gehring, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Grassi to extend the meeting one- half hour for Executive Session.  

The motion carried unanimously.

At 9:20 p.m., Mayor Brooks recessed the Regular Meeting to Executive Session per RCW 42.30.110 to discuss personnel, litigation, and real property with no action to follow.    

At  10:30 p.m. the Executive Session was continued to Tuesday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Conference Room.


Mayor Brooks declared the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Submitted by,

Sarah Ortiz

Deputy City Clerk


Special & Regular Meeting Minutes-20030721-2025 

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