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Meeting Minutes: Regular Council Meeting Minutes

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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

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Regular Meeting of the City Council

Monday, November 19, 2012

City Hall, Windmill Village






Mayor Grassi called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.




Roll call was taken by the Deputy City Clerk as follows: 

Councilmember Belleci                           Present

Councilmember Choiniere                       Present

Councilmember Figueroa                        Present

Councilmember Keel                              Present

Councilmember Nye                               Present

Mayor Pro Tem  McCluskey                    Present

Mayor Grassi                                         Present


Staff present: City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Victor, Assistant Executive Director/ACM Craig, Parks, Recreation and Public Works Director Cooper, Planning and Development Services Director Swindale, Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell, Communications/IT Manager Seesz, Community Services Manager Buter, Paralegal Grover, and Deputy City Clerk Nicholas.


Councilmember Figueroa led the pledge of allegiance.




MOTION:  By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McCluskey, to approve the minutes of September 15, 2012, September 24, 2012, October 1, 2012, October 8, 2012, October 15, 2012, October 22, 2012 and October 29, 2012 as submitted.


The motion carried.




MOTION:  By Councilmember Choiniere, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McCluskey, to approve the agenda.


The motion carried. 




Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month – Mayor Grassi presented Linda Hulst with a proclamation recognizing November as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. 


6.      PUBLIC COMMENTS – None




Council Comments – Councilmember Belleci reported on her attendance at the Pierce County Regional Council meeting and her attendance with Councilmember Keel at the ribbon cutting for Pierce County’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project. During her attendance at Tacoma/Pierce County’s annual DUI candle light vigil honoring DUI accident victims, University Place Police Officer Sousley was

recognized for his efforts as a DUI first responder. She thanked property owner Nat Franklin for donating plants from the site of a recently closed business and thanked the staff, citizens and volunteers involved in replanting them on City property.


Mayor Grassi thanked members of the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade and other volunteers who labored to beautify Homestead Park on Make a Difference Day.


Councilmember Keel announced that Pierce Transit is soliciting applications for its Community Transportation Advisory Group and encouraged interested citizens to apply.


Councilmember Figueroa informed Council of his request for a staff report regarding the City’s UPTV production and its partnership with Rainier Communications reflecting costs, benefits and specifics of the agreement.


Commission Reports – None


8.         CITY MANAGER’S REPORT – City Manager Sugg reported on the passage of a recent law which extends permit applications for developers affected by the economic downturn. This law supersedes the City’s similar Ordinance, Number 578, scheduled to expire on December 31, 2012, thereby making it unnecessary for the City to extend its Ordinance.


Mr. Sugg reminded Council that as part of the UP Refuse Franchise Agreement, a proposed CPI adjustment and pass-through rate increase for 2013 will be brought before Council on December 17, 2012.




Councilmember Nye requested Item # 9B be removed for separate consideration. Councilmember Keel requested Item # 9C and Item # 9F be removed for separate consideration.


MOTION:  By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to approve the amended Consent Agenda as follows:


A.    Receive and File:  Payroll for the period ending 10/15/12, signed and dated 10/29/12, check nos. 17236 through 17251, and wires in the total amount of Two Hundred Forty-Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty-Nine and 93/100 Dollars ($249,789.93); Payroll for the period ending 10/29/12, signed and dated 10/29/12, check nos. 317252 through 317263 and wires in the total amount of One Hundred Eighty-Two Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen and 16/100 Dollars ($182,515.16); and Payroll for the period ending 11/05/12, signed and dated 11/14/12, check nos. 317264 through 317282 and wires in the total amount of Two Hundred Fifty-One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty-Four and 53/100 Dollars ($251,724.53). Claims dated 10/31/12, signed 10/29/12, check nos. 47396 through 47460 in the total amount of Four Hundred Forty-Two Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy-Six and 10/100 Dollars ($442,876.10), check no. 47410 voided, and Claims dated 11/15/12, signed 11/14/12, check nos. 47461 through 47536, in the total amount of Two Million Four Hundred Forty-Three Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Six and 95/100 Dollars ($2,443,546.95), check no. 47474 voided.

B.    Adopt a resolution approving the 2012-2016 Economic Development Strategic Action Plan. (Pulled for separate consideration).

C.    Adopt a Resolution directing the Economic Development Commission to examine the availability of tourism resources and facilities, including athletic fields, in University Place and the feasibility and desirability of promoting University Place as a tourism destination. (Pulled for separate consideration).

D.    Adopt a Resolution amending and superseding Resolution No. 668, establishing the Economic Development Commission. (RESOLUTION NO. 706 )

E.    Approve new application for Liquor License for Forza Coffee Company. 

F.    Approve application for Special Occasion Liquor License for Emergency Food Network. (Pulled for separate consideration)

G.    Authorize the City Manager to execute the Microsoft Products Purchase Agreement with the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services dated November 20, 2012, and to execute any additional documents that may be necessary to complete this transaction.

 The motion carried.

9B.       MOTION: By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to adopt a resolution approving the 2012-2016 Economic Development Strategic Action Plan. (RESOLUTION NO. 707)


Council discussed further redefining the Economic Development Strategic Action Plan goals and measurable outcomes.


The motion passed 6-1. Councilmember Nye voted no.


9C.       MOTION: By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to adopt a Resolution directing the Economic Development Commission to examine the availability of tourism resources and facilities, including athletic fields, in University Place.


Council discussed amending the resolution to redirect the focus of the study from tourism to the City’s sporting and recreational venues in an attempt to draw visitors from outside the City for the purpose of capitalizing associated revenues to benefit the City’s local businesses.


Council’s consensus to amend the proposed resolution was approved without specific wording being provided. (RESOLUTION NO. 708)


The motion carried.


9F.       Approve application for Special Occasion Liquor License for Emergency Food Network.


The date of the special occasion was prior to the Council Meeting; therefore, without objection from Council, the license was issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and no action was necessary.






Staff Report Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell explained the proposed one percent property tax levy increase for the year 2013 to generate approximately $31,000.00 in revenues dedicated for public safety.


Public Comment – None


Council discussed the importance of public safety, its concern with projected revenue shortfalls and the budgetary implications with a levy increase and without an increase.


Councilmember Nye, in support of community business owners, voiced opposition to tax increases. Emphasis was placed on historic input from citizens in strong support of funding public safety and necessary steps to do so. Council will continue to consider options to address long-term funding of public safety as the projections reveal revenue shortfalls both with the proposed increase and further, in years to come.


Council ConsiderationMOTION: By Councilmember Choiniere, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to pass an Ordinance relating to ad valorem property taxes, establishing the amounts to be raised in 2013

by taxation on the assessed valuation of property in the City of University Place and setting the levy for the year 2013.


The motion passed 6-1.  Councilmember Nye voted no.  (ORDINANCE NO. 614)




Staff Report - Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell provided background on the proposed budget. The budget includes the Debt Service Adjustments which reflect the final numbers from the November 14, 2012 Bond Refinance sale, assumes the 1% Property Tax increase and the adds and drops.


Public Comment – None


Council Consideration:  MOTION: By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McCluskey, to approve an Ordinance adopting the 2013/2014 Biennial Budget.


Councilmember Nye expressed interest in re-examining the City’s long-term budget after utilizing a mission statement and identifying the scope of government.


The motion passed 6-1. Councilmember Nye voted no.  (ORDINANCE NO. 615)


12.        MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Grassi announced the November no-cost Thanksgiving dinner and the December Tree Lighting event.


At 8:03 p.m., MOTION: By Councilmember Keel, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to adjourn the Regular Business Meeting. Following a break, Mayor Grassi convened the Study Session.




13.        INITIATIVE 502 – City Attorney Victor provided Council details associated with the recent voter approved Initiative 502 to legalize the production, sale, use and consumption of marijuana and marijuana products in Washington. This State law is in conflict with federal law requiring the State to either accept a regulatory role or initiate clarifying litigation through the court process. The City may continue to deny permits and licenses for marijuana-related uses during this time or enact a moratorium for six (6) months to allow appropriate study of the legal, zoning and regulatory issues, and the formulation of proposed ordinances for Council consideration.


Council discussed merits of enacting a moratorium, moratorium terms, allowable extensions and public safety enforcement.


Council consensus: Council deemed it prudent to continue with the City’s current practice, pending State action, after which time Council will have the opportunity to consider enacting a moratorium and avoid early exposure to moratorium time constraints.


14.        PARK IMPACT FEE


The Park Impact Fee (PIF) is scheduled to increase in January 2013. With consideration of the economic downturn and an interest in mitigating impact to developers, Council studied and made suggestions for revisions to the (PIF) Ordinance at its October 29, 2012 Council Meeting. City Attorney Victor recapped those suggestions: deferral of payment until occupancy; reduction of the percentage of increase or a smaller increase; and a later suggestion to provide for vesting at time of complete permit submittal. He requested Council clarification for revisions necessary to draft an ordinance that will be brought forward at a future meeting.


Council discussed impacts to developers and on the City’s parks, deferring the time at which to collect the fee, whether to increase, decrease or maintain the current fee schedule and methods of vesting. There was interest in having aspects of the Park Impact Fee consistent with the Traffic Impact Fee, where applicable.


At 9:00 p.m., MOTION: By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Councilmember Nye, to extend the meeting to 9:30 p.m.


The motion carried.




City Attorney Victor introduced the Multi-family Property Tax Abatement Program. The Program is an economic development tool to incentivize private investment. It was researched in relation to the City-owned property known as Lot 10 of Town Center that is currently vacant with a Right of First Offer between the City and SEB, Incorporated, in the event the City completes the Lot 10 garage. Although SEB remains eager, the City has insufficient funds to construct the garage. Mr. Victor concluded that the development of a garage and mixed use building on Lot 10 is feasible only with the implementation of an eight (8) year property tax abatement program for the residential portion of any future Lot 10 development.


At 9:30 p.m., MOTION: By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to extend the meeting fifteen minutes.


The motion carried.


Council discussed benefits, sales tax/construction tax revenues, density, identifying designated areas and Local Revitalization Financing. Questions were asked to determine how the program applies to the rehabilitation of properties.


16.        ADJOURNMENT


The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. No other action was taken.


Submitted by,




Debora Nicholas, CMC

Deputy City Clerk



Regular Council Meeting Minutes-20121119-0904 

Meeting Type / Meeting Date

41232/Regular Council Meeting Minutes 


Regular Meeting Agenda-20121119-0804 


Ordinance :614-19010905-614; Ordinance :615-19010906-615 


Resolution:706-19011206-706; Resolution:707-19011207-707 
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