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Meeting Minutes: Regular Council Meeting Minutes

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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

Meeting Date





Regular Meeting of the City Council

Monday, November 4, 2013

City Hall, Windmill Village






Mayor Grassi called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.




Roll call was taken by the City Clerk as follows: 


Councilmember Belleci                          Present

Councilmember Choiniere                      Present

Councilmember Figueroa                       Present

Councilmember Keel                              Present

Councilmember Nye                              Present

Mayor Pro Tem McCluskey                    Present

Mayor Grassi                                        Present


Staff present: City Manager Sugg, Executive Director/ACM Craig, City Attorney Victor, Parks, Recreation and Public Works Director Cooper, City Engineer Ecklund, Communications/IT Manager Seesz, Executive Assistant Holloway, Principal Planner Briske, Police Chief Blair, Paralegal Grover, and City Clerk Genetia.


Councilmember Figueroa led the pledge of allegiance.


3.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES - MOTION:  By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Councilmember Choiniere, to approve the minutes of October 7, 2013, October 11, 2013 and October 21, 2013 as submitted.


The motion carried.


4.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA - MOTION:  By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Councilmember Choiniere, to approve the agenda.


The motion carried.


5.      PUBLIC COMMENTS – The following individuals provided public comment: Steve Worthington, 6912 53rd Street West; and Brian McGuire, 1855 Day Island Boulevard West.




Council Comments – In observance of Veterans Day, Councilmember Figueroa thanked the Veterans in the community for their service.  He also thanked the Parks and Recreation Commission for their work on naming three city-owned park properties.


Councilmember Choiniere reported that one of the Parks and Recreation Commissioners has been hospitalized and is currently recuperating.  Mayor Grassi also mentioned that one of the Public Safety Commissioners is also recuperating from surgery.


7.    CITY MANAGER’S REPORT – City Manager Sugg remarked on Tacoma Public Utilities’ efforts in restoring power during the windstorm last weekend. He also shared upcoming community events with Council.




Councilmember Figueroa requested that Item 8A be pulled for separate consideration.


MOTION:  By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Councilmember Choiniere, to approve the amended Consent Agenda as follows:


A.    Receive and File: Payroll for the period ending 10/15/13, signed and dated 10/30/13, check nos. 317702 through 317717, and wires in the total amount of One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Five Hundred Seventy-Nine and 10/100 Dollars ($175,579.10); Claims dated 10/15/13, signed 10/31/13, check nos. 49352 through 49422, in the total amount of Four Hundred Forty-Seven Thousand Five Hundred Thirty and 96/100 Dollars ($447,530.96). (Pulled for separate consideration)

B.    Adopt a resolution establishing an additional Council Goal and Outcome for the 2013-2014 biennium. (RESOLUTION NO. 737)

C.    Adopt a resolution formally naming three city-owned park properties.  (RESOLUTION NO. 738)

D.    Approve new application for Liquor License for Chambers Bay Distillery.

E.    Approve application for renewal of Liquor License for Albertson’s #467 and Bartell Drug Company #57.

F.    Confirm Randy Walden’s re-appointment as the Chamber of Commerce Representative on the Economic Development Commission for a term ending October 31, 2014.

G.   Confirm Ben Zielke’s appointment as the School Representative on the Public Safety Commission.


The motion carried.


After clarification on the expenditure in question, MOTION:  By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to approve Item 8A.


The motion carried.






City Attorney Victor recommended the extension of the marijuana moratorium currently in place for an additional six-month period.  This will allow staff time to fully develop responsible alternatives as identified in the staff report so that Council will have a clear understanding of how they will be implemented should Council opt to participate in the initiative.


While Washington State Initiative No. 502 claims to license and tax the commercial production, processing and sale of marijuana within the State of Washington, the initiative is preempted by the federal Controlled Substances Act, and all activities contemplated within I-502 remain criminal violations of law within Washington State, and all fifty states of the United States.


Mayor Grassi opened the public hearing at 6:52 p.m.


Public Comment - None


There being no other comments, Mayor Grassi closed the public hearing at 6:52 p.m.


Council Consideration MOTION:  By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to pass an ordinance extending the six-month moratorium within the City of University Place on establishment, location, permitting, licensing or operation or marijuana cultivation, production of marijuana derivatives, and the sale of marijuana or marijuana derivatives, or any other activities asserted to be
authorized or actually authorized under Washington State Initiative No. 502 or any other laws of the State of Washington pertaining to marijuana, for an additional six (6) months, providing for severability, declaring an emergency, and establishing an effective date.


The motion carried.  (ORDINANCE NO. 631)


The Council recessed to Study Session as 6:54 p.m.


MOTION:  By Councilmember Choiniere, seconded by Councilmember Belleci, to suspend Council Rule to allow the video taping of this study session.


The motion carried.




City Attorney Victor presented, for Council consideration, the first anchor development proposal for the Town Center project.  The Purchase and Development Agreement allows the development company Verus Partners, LLC to purchase Lot 7 for Whole Foods Market.  In addition, they will also have the right to acquire in phases, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 11 for additional development of commercial uses.  The City will receive $480,000 for the sale of Lot 7. 


Whole Foods Market, tenant anchor for the Town Center project, is the world’s largest certified organic grocer and has over 300 stores in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.  University Place will be the national grocer’s first location in Pierce County and the first Whole Foods built between Seattle and Vancouver, Washington. 


Verus Partners’ Robert Andrews and Whole Foods Market representative Michael Barthol were present to answer questions from Council and the public.  Mr. Andrews spoke about the company, the development and future partnership with the City; and Mr. Barthol explained Whole Foods’ site selection process.


The Regular meeting resumed at 7:42 p.m.


MOTION:  By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember Choiniere, to suspend Council Rule to allow consideration of the Town Center Purchase and Development Agreement at this meeting.


The motion carried.


Public Comment - None


Council ConsiderationMOTION:  By Councilmember Belleci, seconded by Councilmember Figueroa, to adopt a resolution approving a Purchase and Development Agreement between the City of University Place and Verus Partners, LLC for U.P. Town Center substantially in the form attached hereto.


The motion carried.  (RESOLUTION NO. 739)


13.        MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Grassi congratulated Councilmember Figueroa for his achievement in completing AWC’s Advance Municipal Leadership program.  He informed Council that Peace Out is launching a new project called MyGive and encouraged the public to support their cause by attending a spaghetti dinner on November 9 at the Curtis High School Cafeteria. Additionally, he informed the public that the University Place Library is offering a computer certification program. Lastly, he thanked Public Works Director Cooper for the art piece he donated to the City. 




The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.  No other action was taken.


Submitted by,



Emy Genetia

City Clerk


Regular Council Meeting Minutes-20131104-1142 

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41582/Regular Council Meeting Minutes 


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