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Meeting Minutes: Regular Council Meeting Minutes

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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

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Regular Meeting of the City Council

Monday, October 6, 2014

City Hall, Windmill Village






Mayor McCluskey called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.




Roll call was taken by the Deputy City Clerk as follows:


Council Member Belleci                         Present

Council Member Grassi                         Present

Council Member Keel                            Excused

Council Member Nye                             Present

Council Member Worthington                 Present

Mayor Pro Tem Figueroa                       Present

Mayor McCluskey                                 Present


Staff Present:  City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Victor, Executive Director/ACM Craig, Finance Director Faison, Planning and Development Services Director Swindale, Public Works Director Cooper, Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell, Paralegal Grover, Communications/I.T. Manager Seesz, Human Resources Manager Petorak, Police Chief Blair and Deputy City Clerk Nicholas.


Council Member Belleci led the pledge of allegiance.


MOTION:  By Council Member Belleci, seconded by Council Member Grassi, to excuse the absence of Council Member Keel.


The motion carried.




MOTION:  By Council Member Belleci, seconded by Council Member Grassi, to approve the minutes of September 15, 2014 as submitted.


The motion carried.




MOTION:  By Council Member Grassi, seconded by Council Member Belleci, to approve the agenda.


The motion carried.




National Community Planning Month – Mayor McCluskey presented Planning Commissioner Quisenberry and Development Services Director Swindale with a proclamation to recognize the Planning Commissioners and staff for their contributions. Commissioner Quisenberry thanked staff and Council for their collaborative efforts.


Public Safety Report – Police Chief Blair reported year-to-date patrol responses, liquor privatization and marijuana legalization impacts, and outlined future goals. He announced the Department’s new UPTV program which highlights the Department’s history and encourages community involvement.


6.         PUBLIC COMMENT – None.




Mayor Pro Tem Figueroa encouraged staff, Council Members and the community to download Pierce County’s new PCTV App to watch PCTV’s livestream of local council meetings anywhere from their mobile devices.


Council Member Worthington reported that the Association of Washington Cities Legislative Committee is addressing legislative and budget issues and encouraged Council Members to have a discussion with legislative candidates about the impact that State Shared Revenues have on the City.


Council Member Grassi encouraged businesses located on the City’s main corridors of Bridgeport Way and 27th Street to again participate in the Light UP campaign and place LED lights on their buildings during the holiday season.




Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell reported that the 2014 revenues and fees are tracking, and although there have been increases in sales tax and real estate excise tax, estimates remain unchanged and conservative until a trend is identified. The largest increase is reflected in admission taxes as a result of the U.S. Open’s record ticket sales. Projections were forecasted with assumptions that sales would take place in 2014 and 2015, but tickets sold out in 2014.


City Manager Sugg presented the 2015-2016 Proposed Biennial Budget Message. The Proposal maintains current service levels and meets all statutory and contractual obligations for the biennium. Beyond the biennium, without new revenues, additional service level reductions will be needed. A ballot measure is before voters to raise the Utility Tax by 3.5% for Police services. Beyond the proposed biennium Council will evaluate other options to address projected deficits in the City’s reserve balances and in parks and recreation and street maintenance funding. The Proposal is a sound financial strategy based on conservative assumptions.




MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Figueroa, seconded by Council Member Belleci, to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

A.   Receive and File: Payroll for the period ending 08/15/14, signed and dated 08/28/14, check nos. 318092 through 318111, and wires in the total amount of Two Hundred Six Thousand Six Hundred Eighty-Three and 15/100 Dollars ($206,683.15); Payroll for the period ending 09/15/14, signed and dated 09/26/14, check nos. 318132 through 318142, and wires in the total amount of Two Hundred Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Two and 43/100 Dollars ($200,542.43); Claims dated 09/15/14, signed 09/12/14, check nos. 51076 through check no. 51137 in the total amount of Five Hundred-Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Five and 60/100 Dollars ($580,705.60); Claims dated 09/30/14, signed 09/26/14, check nos. 51138 through 51233 in the total amount of Five Hundred Eighty-Two Thousand Seven Hundred Five and 51/100 Dollars ($582,705.51).

B.   Receive and File: 2014 Second Quarter Financial Report.

C.   Receive and File: 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


The motion carried.






Staff Report – Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell explained the two proposed adjustments to the City’s Adopted Budget. In preparation for next year’s construction on the Bridgeport Way Phase 5 Project, a transfer of $80,000 from the Traffic Impact Fee Fund to the Public Works Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Fund is necessary to purchase right-of-way easements. Expenditure and revenue appropriations are added to the Municipal Facilities CIP Fund for the proposed sale of Lots 3 and 4 within Town Center.


Public CommentBetsy Tainer, 3333 Locust Avenue West.


Council Consideration - MOTION:  By Council Member Grassi, seconded by Council Member Belleci, to pass an ordinance amending the 2013-2014 Biennial Budget authorizing adjustments to the 2013-2014 Adopted Biennial Budget.


The motion carried. (ORDINANCE NO. 641)




Mayor McCluskey invited citizens to the upcoming UP for Arts performance and the University Place Historical Society meeting. She reported on the pre-golf meeting for the U.S. Open. Public hearings will be scheduled to inform residents of traffic and parking impacts. She welcomed Captain Paulsboe back from Afghanistan.


At 7:33 p.m., the Council concluded its business meeting and recessed to Study Session at 7:43 p.m., after a ten minute break.




12.      2015-2016 BIENNIAL BUDGET Q & A


Assistant Finance Director Blaisdell presented the Proposed Biennial Budget for Council discussion and input. Revenues reflect the 1% Property Tax increase and an increase in Real Estate Excise Tax for both years. Sales Tax projections include an increase only in 2015 for U.S. Open merchandise sales, construction sales tax related to the Pierce County Sewage Treatment Plant and Town Center projects. No land sale revenues are included.


Clarification was requested regarding the increase to the 2015 U.S. Open budget from $60,000 to the proposed $100,000 and regarding cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs). The Proposal includes $60,000 from Council’s initial decision regarding the City’s contribution for the U.S. Open event, and the remainder is an estimate for Council’s later request to also budget for a U.S. Open City week event and does not include overtime salaries for Public Works. COLAs are projected at 2% in 2015, 2.5% in 2016 and will be based on the Consumer Price Index. New this year, the State Auditor’s Office requires Surface Water Management Funds to be separated out and accounted for in an Enterprise Fund. It was also suggested to have additional support for staff to prepare the annual Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Report. The Finance Department has proposed $15,000 for a professional services contract to meet this need.


Council discussed the adds and drops process, budget priorities and COLAs. Staff reiterated that the Proposed Budget was prepared using existing revenue sources to fund Police services and does not include assumptions of the November 4, 2014 levy for increased Utility Taxes.


Members expressed individual concern for the need to increase the City’s ending fund balance in future budgets and for securing sustainable funding for Police services, parks and recreation programs and street maintenance. Council Members were asked to provide their adds and drops prior to the next budget meeting.


Staff was asked to research what the City’s savings has been by eliminating staff COLAs during the past five years and to bring back local marketplace salary comparison data.


At 9:02 p.m., MOTION: By Mayor Pro Tem Figueroa, seconded by Council Member Nye, to extend the meeting to 9:30 p.m.


The motion carried.




The meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m. No other action was taken.


Submitted by,




Debora Nicholas

Deputy City Clerk


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