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Special Meeting Minutes 

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Special Meeting of the City Council

Monday, August 22, 2016

City Hall, Windmill Village






Mayor Figueroa called the Special Meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.


Attendance was noted by the City Clerk as follows:  Councilmember Belleci, Councilmember Nye, Councilmember McCluskey, Mayor Figueroa, Councilmember Grassi, Councilmember Worthington, and Mayor Pro Tem Keel (arrived at 4:04 p.m.).


Staff:  City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Victor, Executive Director/ACM Craig, and City Clerk Genetia.




2.     2017-2018 COUNCIL GOALS


Mayor Figueroa reviewed the meeting schedule and explained the process that allows for an efficient and unbiased means of completing the 2017-2018 Council Goals. Council worked on the proposed goals, individual outcomes and actions.  At the end of the workshop, Council consented to the following 2017-2018 Council Goals and directed staff to bring back a resolution reflecting such for consideration.




A.    Outcome:  Effective community services with emphasis on police services, transportation infrastructure, and parks.



1.   Maintain funding in the University Place Police Department budget to allow for current or better staffing levels for the biennium.

2.   Continue to identify and apply for transportation and other infrastructure grants where local match is available or anticipated to be available.

3.   Identify funding to construct and implement necessary legislation for Park Capital Improvement Projects such as Curran Apple Orchard restroom, and Paradise Pond Parking and Trails.

4.   Identify funding to install additional gateway signs, and consider any necessary implementing legislation.

5.   Maintain funding for City’s beautification program at current or better levels for the biennium.


B.    Outcome:   More physical and visual connections to Puget Sound and Chambers Bay from public areas in the City.



1.   Participate fully with Pierce County and Lakewood in the Chambers Creek Properties Master Site Plan Update, seeking to include such connections.

2.   Identify funding to construct Leach Creek Trail from 40th to Kobayashi, and consider any necessary implementing legislation.

3.   Continue to work with Pierce County and Lakewood on the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail, and consider any necessary legislation.

4.   Consider amending the Shoreline Master Program and the Comprehensive Plan to include this Outcome.

5.   Prioritize facilities that provide public access to the waters of Chambers Bay, including but not limited to facilities for all types of water crafts.  


At 5:56 p.m., Council took a ten-minute break.  The study session resumed at 6:05 p.m.


C.    Outcome:   Effective communications between the City Council and other local, state and federal elected officials.



1.   Study and consider legislation adopting updated City Council intergovernmental legislative priorities for the new biennium.

2.   Study, identify and consider any necessary legislation to implement a City Council intergovernmental legislative outreach program.

3.   Consider additions to the Council Rules to establish a timely and effective intergovernmental legislative agenda, and improved inter- and intra-governmental communications in support of the City’s adopted legislative agenda.

4.   Adopt a legislative agenda by the second Council meeting in September of each year.


At 6:42 p.m., Council took a dinner break.  The study session resumed at 7:12 p.m.




A.    Outcome:   Position the City for redevelopment of commercial areas such as Narrows Plaza, and consider means and methods to promote the City to potential investors such as employers, lodging, leisure and other businesses.



1.   Consider legislation making additional revisions to development regulations to improve conditions for development and redevelopment, including review of permitting processes and timelines.

2.   Consider legislation adopting and implementing a completed Regional Growth Center Subarea Plan.

3.   Consider legislation updating the Economic Development Strategic Action Plan to 2019.

4.   Consider budgeting for promotion of the City to potential investors such as significant employers, lodging, leisure and other businesses through new identified means and methods.

5.   Study the production and effectiveness of a City promotional video.

6.   Consider budgeting for a professional study of the economic impact of changing the City’s name to Chambers Bay.

7.   Consider funding for next steps strategy following the completion of the Regional Growth Center Subarea Plan.     




A.    Outcome:   Complete an assessment of the sustainability of City revenues, including all fees and taxes, and consider revenue options to fund police services, public safety, streets, and events.



1.     Review fees and taxes, and other revenue options to fund public safety, police services, streets, and events, and upon completion of study, determine to conclude the topic, or consider legislation achieving the outcome.


B.    Outcome:   Maintain a balanced budget and enhance our reserve goals to allow for future financial flexibility and stability.



1.   Consider legislation to increase strategic reserves to 7% of the general fund.

2.   Study options to reduce City debt, and consider any necessary implementing legislation.

3.   Review current City assets that are surplus to the City’s needs and consider legislation disposing of those assets.

4.   Study the feasibility of re-capitalizing the City’s fleet and equipment funds.

5.   Study potential annexations.

At 8:57 p.m., a motion was made and was carried to extend the meeting to 10:00 p.m. 




A.    Outcome:   Maintain and improve community engagement to build public trust in City government, to value U.P.’s history and heritage, to maintain community pride and the sense of UP as a safe and special place, and to encourage volunteers.



1.   Consider identifying the scoping of a new professionally conducted community survey, and budgeting the cost of such a survey.

2.   Consider identifying new or enhanced community engagement events, and budgeting the cost of those events.

3.   Consider funding the development and staffing of a University Place City Government Facebook page embracing all aspects of City government. (Current City Facebook pages are Rec, and event-specific).

4.   Study the feasibility of establishing a City 4th of July celebration at Chambers Bay.

5.   Review the purpose and operations of the City Council’s Legislative Advisory Commissions.

6.   Study means and options for capturing, preserving and having public access to City history.

7.   Consider funding the development and staffing of a UP volunteer/event coordinator.


B.    Outcome:   Maintain and improve the quality of information provided to the public about U.P. government operations, and our focus on integrity and transparency in government, helpful and timely customer service, and remaining within the proper role of government.



1.   Consider funding increased production of City informational videos for broadcast on UPTV, and to be available on the City’s website and social media forums.

2.   Consider funding the production of additional reporting content for the City pages within the UP Press.

3.   Consider cost-effective online and/or other information technology based surveys to engage citizens and obtain their feedback.


The meeting adjourned at 9:57 p.m.  No other action was taken.


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Emy Genetia

City Clerk




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