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Special Meeting Minutes 

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Special Meeting of the City Council

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Charles Wright Academy, Upper School Commons




Attendance noted as follows:  Mayor Figueroa, Mayor Pro Tem Keel, Councilmember Belleci, Councilmember Grassi, Councilmember McCluskey, Councilmember Worthington, and Councilmember Nye.


Staff Present:  City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Victor, Public Works, Parks & Facilities Director Cooper,  Police Chief Blair, Executive Director/ACM Craig, Executive Director/ACM Faison, Finance Director Blaisdell.




The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m.


Mayor welcomed everyone and reviewed the day’s agenda.


To kick-off the meeting, Council watched two TED talk videos on leadership and creating a movement.  After each video, Mayor shared his thoughts and asked each Council member and City Manager to reflect and share their thoughts and perspective. 




Eric Faison reviewed and summarized the outcome and task before Council. He clarified the basic definitions of finance terms to ensure clarity; specifically when referring to uncommitted ending fund balance, reserved ending fund balance, strategic reserve and contingency funds.


Leslie Blaisdell then reviewed current policies regarding cash and contingency reserves and included the City’s current reserve balances which equaled approximately 28.75% of total operating budget or a total combined figure of $5,594,194.


Leslie presented Council with a comparative analysis of other municipalities’ policies to give Council a sense of how the City compared with Burien, Dupont, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup and SeaTac.  The analysis showed that of the cities that responded, there was not one standard for calculating cash and contingency reserve percentages.  Further, cities used operating revenues or expenditures to guide their policies.


After extensive discussion among Council, they unanimously voted to move forward with the following staff recommendation:


§ Retain the City’s current policy of maintaining a cash reserve of five to fifteen (5-15%) percent of its operating budget;

§ Administratively set aside $4 M in a Reserved Ending Fund Balance, which is equal to our average annual debt service payment plus one year of State Shared liquor revenues;

§ Maintain the Strategic Reserve Fund at $1M; and

§ Increase the Contingency Reserve from $50,000 to $420,000 (2%) of the General Fund and Street Fund Operating Expenditures.


Council did clarify that the current operating budget does include the $4.8 M in land sales from Town Center making the current budget approximately $20M, above the usual $16M.


Council also requested to hold a study session to review the Transportation Benefit District’s scheduled sunset sooner rather than later.



After Council’s approval of ending fund balance recommendations, Council set out to prioritize approximately $3M for discretionary appropriation over the 10 year forecast period.  For this biennium, Council appropriated approximately $684,000 for 2017 or $1.5M for 2017/2018 for the prioritized goals reflected below.


Eric Faison reviewed and clarified each council goal especially those requiring appropriations for implementation and completion. 




Council broke for lunch and welcomed Guest Speaker, Dan Putnam, one of the principals for the newly announced Chambers Bay Resort Proposal.




After lunch, Council continued extensive discussion regarding council goals.  Council asked Chief Mike Blair, Gary Cooper, Mariza Craig, Steve Sugg and Steve Victor to clarify elements of the goals. 




Council directed staff to appropriate funds for the following priorities:


Full-Time PD Investigator

$169,950/year starting 2018

Additional PD Overtime

$40,000/year starting 2017

Gateway Signs


27th Street irrigation during construction 


Leach Creek Trail – 1 time planning cost


Chamber Creek Trail – Phase 1 Implementation


ED Update Strategic Action Plan to 2019

$20,000 for plan development

Video to promote city


Name change

Study only


In addition to priority allocations, Council directed staff to complete the following actions:


▪ Study the current Transportation Benefit District sunset clause

▪ Revise policy regarding Contingency Reserve from current minimum of $50,000 to a minimum of 1%.

▪ Possible Council direction to staff to include the cost of basket irrigation in future CIP road projects.




Mayor and Council discussed communication between staff and Council.  Mayor reiterated need for collaboration and working together.




The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.  No other action was taken.


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Mariza Craig

Executive Director/Assistant City Manager


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