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Meeting Minutes: Regular Council Meeting Minutes

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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

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Regular Meeting of the City Council

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

City Council Chambers, Market Place West






Mayor Belleci called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


2.         ROLL CALL


Roll call was taken by the City Clerk as follows:


Councilmember Figueroa


Present (Left at 7:31 p.m.)

Councilmember Flemming



Councilmember Keel



Councilmember Pro Tem Lee



Councilmember McCluskey



Mayor Pro Tem Worthington



Mayor Belleci




Staff Present:  City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Kaser, Planning and Development Services Director Swindale, Public Works, Parks & Facilities Director Cooper, Police Chief Premo, Engineering and Capital Projects Director Ecklund, NPDES Coordinator Smith and City Clerk Genetia.  


MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember McCluskey, to excuse the absence of Councilmembers Keel and Flemming.


The motion carried.




Councilmember Pro Tem Lee led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.




MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember McCluskey, to approve the agenda. 


The motion carried.


5.         PUBLIC COMMENTS – The following individual provided comment: Dennis Flann, 2623 Lemons Beach Road.




MOTION:  By Councilmember McCluskey, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

A.   Approve the minutes of the February 3, 2020 Council meetings as submitted.

B.   Receive and File:  Payroll for period ending 01/31/20; and Claims dated 01/24/20, 01/31/20, and 02/05/20.

C.   Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a Pole Attachment Agreement with Tacoma Public Utilities. (RESOLUTION NO. 911)

D.   Adopt a Resolution approving the transfer of the Non-Exclusive Franchise of the City of Tacoma Department of Public Utilities Light Division, Click! Network, to provide cable television services to Rainier Connect North, LLC.  (RESOLUTION NO. 912)

E.   Authorize the City Manager to execute a contract with Apex Engineering for survey services associated with the 35th Street Improvement project in the amount of $68,400.

F.    Authorize the City Manager to execute a contract amendment with KPG for survey services associated with the 67th Avenue Phase 2 Improvement project in the amount of $138,146.

G.   Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for a radio communications facility between the Pierce County, West Pierce Fire District and the City of University Place.  (RESOLUTION NO. 913)


The motion carried.






Staff ReportEngineering and Capital Projects Director Ecklund, along with NPDES Coordinator Smith, presented the annual updates to the City’s Stormwater Management Program (SWMP).  He stated that this program identifies the stormwater related actions and activities that need to be conducted by the City in order to meet the requirements of the City’s NPDES Municipal Stormwater permit.  Director Ecklund indicated that the new NPDES permit issued by the Department of Ecology last July reflects new changes in addition to what have been required in the past.  The new required elements of this program are:  (1) stormwater planning, (2) public education and outreach, (3) public involvement and participation, (4) MS4 mapping and documentation, (5) illicit discharge detection and elimination, (6) controlling runoff from new development, redevelopment and construction site, (7) operation and maintenance, (8) source control program for existing development, (9) monitoring and assessment, and (10) reporting.  He identified and explained major changes in the various sections of the required program elements.


Public Comment – None.


Council Consideration - MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember McCluskey, to adopt the 2020 update to the City of University Place Phase II NPDES Stormwater Management Program (SWMP).


The motion carried.






Staff ReportPublic Works, Parks & Facilities Director Cooper provided a brief history on the Curran Apple Orchard Park and the Curran Orchard Resource Enthusiasts (CORE) volunteer group’s efforts to maintain and improve the orchard’s health and fruit viability, resulting in the development of an appropriate spray program to prevent tree infestation. He indicated that while it took tremendous efforts and experimentation by the CORE volunteers, orchard consultants and staff, the orchard is now healthy and producing quality apples.  In addition, Director Cooper provided responses to questions that were raised at the last Council meeting.   He noted that over the last several years, spraying costs have increased.  To lock in pricing, staff is proposing to secure a three-year contract with Washington Tree Service.


Public Comment – The following individuals provided comment on the matter:  Debbie Klosowski, CORE Member; and Rick Mercier, CORE Member.


Council Consideration MOTION:  By Councilmember Figueroa, seconded by Councilmember McCluskey, to authorize the City Manager to award the Curran Apple Orchard spraying services to Washington Tree Service in the amount of $10,660.30 annually, for a three-year contract totaling $31,980.90, including W.S.S.T., and execute all the necessary contract documents.

The motion carried. 




City Manager Sugg reported on the well-attended Public Safety Forum conducted by Police Chief Premo.  He also reported on the graffiti/tagging that took place at Homestead Park.


Councilmember Figueroa requested that staff provide information on a House Bill regarding the banning of single-family unit zoning in cities with population of 10,000 or more; he noted the piano noise outside the Chambers to be too distracting during the meeting; expressed his opinion on Councilmember Pro Tem Lee’s title to be just Councilmember; and commented about the limited/short visit time allocated in each  neighborhood during National Night Out.


Councilmember Pro Tem Lee commended Police Chief Premo for the successful Public Safety Forum.


Councilmember McCluskey provided a report on the Zoo Trek Authority Board meeting.


Mayor Belleci reported on her first “Meet UP with the Mayor” event and encouraged the public to attend future meetings to share their thoughts/comments.  She also provided information/reminder on the following:  South Sound Housing Affordability Partners (SSHAP) project; Pierce County Regional Council’s General Assembly meeting; Family Unlimited Network’s fund-raising event at MOD Pizza; Legislative Open House hosted by Representatives Kilduff and Leavitt; and upcoming community events.






Engineering and Capital Projects Director Ecklund and City Attorney Kaser presented the proposed changes to the City’s Parking Code.  Director Ecklund indicated that the City’s Parking Code dates to incorporation when the City adopted by reference the Pierce County Code.  The City recognized that with its growth, continuing to adopt the Pierce County Code presents limitations and disadvantages, i.e., by adopting their code, the City has no control over changes to it.  Another issue is that under the current code, the City does not have the ability to enforce temporary parking restrictions which can become problematic, especially in the urban development in the City. He stated that the City has received multiple requests from businesses in the Town Center to have more restrictive type parking. 


The proposed legislation would repeal the current Parking Code and replace it with the language reflected in the proposed ordinance - similar to the current Pierce County Code - with the addition of enforcement and parking restriction provisions that would provide the City the ability to establish parking restriction zones, permits and enforcement. The proposed legislation does not establish any parking zones or set fees or parking rates.   


Discussion followed regarding parking and enforcement administration; Economic Development Advisory Commission’s possible review of the code; animating forces on restrictive parking; parking meter cost; sharing the cost-bearing expenses with the installation of parking meters with businesses at Market Square; time zone limits; and violation fine/penalty.


The proposed legislation will be forwarded for action when most of the Council are present for consideration. 




Planning and Development Services Director Swindale indicated that the City has applied for and received from Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) an extension of time in which to submit the City’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan.  He clarified that the goals and policies contained in Chapter 2 of the PROS Plan pertaining to recreation were taken directly from the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  As such, these policies contained in the Comprehensive Plan can be amended to ensure consistency with the PROS Plan, the Subarea Plan, and the Form-Based Code.  Director Swindale stated that PROS Plan update includes several capital facility improvements that will serve to meet the needs of the whole community and the community parks that are tailored to specific needs.  Otherwise, the pool of capital projects is not prioritized in the update - this process will come later this year.


Mr. Overdorf provided an update to the PROS Plan report that focused on the changes that have happened since its first review – revised parks/facilities inventory and assessment; update on public involvement/participation; added level of service maps, quantitative need matrix, and refined City comparisons; and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) strategic recommendations.  


Parks Advisory Commission Chair Thorndill presented the Commission’s recommendations on park projects that may qualify for grant funding from the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).


A third study session has been scheduled at the next Council meeting.




The meeting adjourned at 9:01p.m.  No other action was taken. 


Submitted by,




Emy Genetia

City Clerk


Regular Council Meeting Minutes-20200218-0747 

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43879/Regular Council Meeting Minutes 


Regular Meeting Agenda-20200218-1454 




Resolution:911-19020629-911; Resolution:912-19020630-912; Resolution:913-19020701-913 
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