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Regular Council Meeting Minutes 

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Regular Meeting of the City Council

Monday, July 6, 2020

(Remote Participation)







Mayor Belleci called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


2.         ROLL CALL


Roll call was taken by the City Clerk as follows:


Councilmember Figueroa



Councilmember Keel



Councilmember Pro Tem Lee



Councilmember McCluskey



Councilmember Flemming



Mayor Pro Tem Worthington



Mayor Belleci




Staff Present:  City Manager Sugg, City Attorney Kaser, Executive Director/ACM Faison, Executive Director/ACM Craig, Planning & Development Services Director Swindale, Public Works, Parks & Facilities Director Cooper, Finance Director Blaisdell, Public Safety Administrator Hales, Human Resources Manager Petorak and City Clerk Genetia.




Councilmember Flemming led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.




MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel to approve the agenda.


The motion carried unanimously.




Service Recognition – Mayor Belleci presented a certificate to Steve Smith in recognition of his service to the City.  Mr. Smith has served in the Planning Commission for eight years and has participated in a significant number of City planning efforts.


Service Recognition – Ken Campbell, who served in the Planning Commission, was also recognized by the City Council for his service.  Mr. Campbell was not able to attend.


6.         PUBLIC COMMENTS – None. 




MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

A.    Approve the minutes of the June 15, 2020 Council meeting as submitted.

B.    Receive and File:  Payroll for periods ending 06/15/20 and 06/30/20.

C.   Receive and File:  2020 First Quarter Financial Report.

D.   Confirm Chuck Foster’s appointment to the Planning Commission for a four-year term ending January 31, 2024.

E.    Authorize the City Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with LDC, Inc. to create a Housing Action Plan.


The motion carried unanimously.






Staff ReportFinance Director Blaisdell presented the 2019-2020 budget adjustments reflecting the carryforward of funding from 2019 and re-appropriation in 2020.  The re-appropriation is comprised primarily of beginning fund balance, capital improvement projects, I.T. internal service fund, and new and continuing grant funding.  Notwithstanding the changes, Director Blaisdell indicated that the City’s financial position overall, as reflected in the financial forecast, has not materially changed.  She noted that the adjustments do not include reductions to revenues or expenses related to COVID-19 impacts. Director Blaisdell highlighted the significant changes in Restricted and CIP funds; and revenue adjustments in the General Fund, Street Fund, Development Services and Police/Public Safety, as well as proposed expenditure projection changes in the General Fund. She indicated that the financial forecast has been updated to include all the carryforward adjustments and that all existing services and legal and contractual obligations can be met with existing revenues through the forecast period. 


Public Comment – None. 


Council ConsiderationMOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to pass an ordinance amending the 2019-2020 Biennial Budget for the 2019 carryforward appropriations and adjustments.


The motion carried.  (ORDINANCE NO. 730)






Staff Report – City Attorney Kaser presented information regarding the CARES Act relief funds program recommendations.  The City will be receiving $992,700 of federal funding through the Washington State Department of Commerce to address the specific impacts that COVID-19 has had in the City of University Place.  These funds may be used for certain expenditures, including City COVID-19 related costs, economic recovery, and human services.  He noted that City staff, Councilmembers, and legislative advisory commissions members met with subject matter experts from other governmental agencies, non-profits, and private business owners over the course of three weeks to gain a better understanding of the community’s needs, and guided the development of the City’s CARES funding program that is consistent with the legal framework surrounding the expenditures of funds.


He presented staff’s recommendations as follows: (1) $500,000 to be allocated to the City Business Relief Funds Program – $400,000 for Tier 1 businesses with grant amounts available up to $20,000; and $100,000 for Tier 2 businesses with grant amounts available up to $5,000.  (2) $100,000 for the COVID-19 Human Services Stabilization Program – to be focused on housing/rental assistance, utilities, and childcare. Funding per household shall be capped at $3,000.  Staff is recommending that the City partners with Families Unlimited Network (FUN) to administer this program subject to guidelines set by Council. (3) $392,700.00 to be set aside to reimburse the taxpayers for City-incurred expenses associated with its COVID-19 response.  City Attorney Kaser reviewed and explained the qualifying criterion for grant funding for the above-mentioned programs.   


Public Comment – None.

Council Consideration MOTION:  By Councilmember McCluskey, seconded by Councilmember Pro Tem Lee, to amend the language under Section 3(A)(2) of the Resolution – Allocation of Coronavirus Relief Funds to reflect the following language:


2.     One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) shall be allocated to the COVID-19 Human Services Stabilization Program.  Of these amounts,

a.     An amount, not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), may be allocated first to nonprofit corporations who have demonstrate a direct impact related to COVID-19 and who provide human services to the University Place Community, with a maximum grant amount of $3,000.00.  The criterion generally applicable, excluding compliance with the City’s business licensing requirements, to those Tier 2 business are applicable to an award of funds under this subsection;

b.     An additional ten thousand dollars ($10,000) together with any monies which may be unallocated under subsection (a) by August 17, 2020 to nonprofits may be allocated to one or more nonprofit corporations with a demonstrated commitment towards serving the human services needs of University Place residents for the purposes of ensuring food stability and other related human services impacts presented by COVID-19 within the City of University Place during the course of this emergency.


The motion carried.


MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to adopt a resolution approving an Interagency Agreement for Coronavirus Relief Fund for Local Governments and setting forth guidelines for the distribution of Coronavirus Relief Funds to the University Place community as amended.


The motion carried.  (RESOLUTION NO. 924)


At 8:53 p.m., a motion was made and was carried to extend the meeting to 9:25 p.m.




Staff Report – City Attorney Kaser provided an overview of the May 4, 2020 Council discussion regarding the City’s municipal court services agreement with the City of Lakewood and referred to his memo (included in the packet) which addressed the questions raised by Council at the time.  He informed Council of recent developments about the City of Lakewood’s disinclination to extend a new offer at this time. He also pointed out and explained the two changes made to the Pierce County Agreement – term extended to 6 years and the 2.5% cost increase annually that will carry through the end of the term. He also noted the need to execute an interlocal agreement with the City of Lakewood to wind down the handling of the legacy cases for the City and to appoint a new judge.     Staff recommends proceeding with executing a new court services Agreement with Pierce County District Court beginning January 1, 2021 and to proceed to negotiate an exit agreement with Lakewood for the legacy cases.


Public Comment – None.


Council Consideration MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to adopt a resolution approving an Agreement between Pierce County and the City of University Place for Prosecution, Defense, Probation and Court Services.


The motion carried.  (RESOLUTION NO. 925)




Staff Report – City Manager Sugg presented a resolution that would approve a lease agreement with SH & H Valuation, LLC for Suite 201 of the Civic Building.  The proposed lease term is five (5) years with an option for two three-year extensions; requires no City out-of-pocket cost for tenant improvements – in lieu of the City funding for improvements, it is proposed that the City waive the three months’ rent and require SH & H Valuation, LLC to perform all tenant improvements at their cost.  The proposed agreement also includes a three percent (3%) annual rent increase (beginning rate at $18.00 per square foot).  City Manager Sugg noted that an expenditure of $23,000 will be incurred to pay for the brokerage fee. Staff believes that it is in the City’s best interests to enter the proposed Lease with SH & H Valuation, LLC for Ste. 201 of the Civic Building.


Public Comment – None.


Council Consideration MOTION:  By Mayor Pro Tem Worthington, seconded by Councilmember Keel, to adopt a resolution approving a Lease with SH & H Valuation LLC for Ste. 201 of the University Place Civic Building.


The motion carried.  (RESOLUTION NO. 926)




City Manager Sugg provided an update on Governor Inslee’s Safe Start-Stay Healthy plan, indicating that the opening phases have been put to a pause. He also provided Council information on COVID-19 reported cases.


Councilmember Keel expressed his interest in having a Council discussion on policing issues and requested Mayor Belleci to place the discussion on Council’s agenda calendar.


Mayor Pro Tem Worthington congratulated Councilmember Keel for being elected as Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Board’s President-elect.  He briefly informed Council about the Community Vision Subcommittee’s plan to provide Council with the FlashVote survey result for future discussion.


Councilmember Figueroa requested that City staff provide regular updates to Council on the progress of the CARES funding program.


Councilmember McCluskey congratulated Councilmember Keel on being elected as AWC Board’s President-elect and thanked him for his service.  She concurred with him regarding the need for discussion on racial discrimination and bias at all levels.  Lastly, she encouraged the public to do their part in taking care of others from COVID-19. 




The meeting adjourned at 9:23 p.m.  No other action was taken. 


Submitted by,




Emy Genetia

City Clerk



Regular Council Meeting Minutes-20200706-0830 

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